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Most people believe that their own personal files are secure with cloud storage services. In that sense, they would probably be correct, except that the entire notion of share files securely becomes infinitely more complex once these files have been shared with other users.

Services such as Google Drive and Dropbox offer many benefits in terms of collaboration, but the original owner(s) of the document often lack protection over the file. Gaining access to an undisclosed project or presentation can be as simple as clicking on a link, so the proverbial “anonymous giraffe” viewing your latest document could be a competitor.

But behold, the days of crossing your fingers and hoping no one forwards your shared file link to another recipient are over. Whether you are a recruiter, freelancer, publisher, or student, FileString can help you share files securely by distributing, track, and protect your most important files. Here’s how:


Similar to most ecloud file sharing services, it’s easy to upload and send files to chosen recipients using FileString. We currently support the most common business file types, including Microsoft Office, PDF, image, video, audio and text files, and we’re always working to add more file types. You can share multiple files at a time and you can quickly and easily see recipients of the file and their current file permissions, and change file permissions for each recipient if needed.


What if you could see every time someone forwarded your file? FileString can do more than just that. Our file report feature lets you closely monitor the views of each recipient — how often the file is being viewed, for what duration, etc. While some cloud services may allow you to view who’s on the document at any given time, the viewer may show up as anonymous, and those services provide no report of recipient file access AFTER the recipients are no longer viewing the file. Furthermore, one of our unique tracking features is getting notified when your files are being printed or downloaded.

Tracking files should never be a hassle. Our “people view”  and exactly how many files have been sent to and received from each person you’ve interacted with on FileString.


At FileString, we value flexibility and ownership. As the owner of a file, you can control and change each individual recipient’s file rights, controlling their ability  to view, forward, print,, and download the file. You can even add a watermark that shows the owner and recipient names and email addresses and states that screen captures are not authorized by the file owner. You can change file permissions for each recipient individually or add more recipients at any time. Better than feeling like you’re sending file links  out into the digital wilderness, right?


We believe that there’s no need to fuss over perfectionism. As humans, we acknowledge that we sometimes make mistakes and that we have the freedom to change our minds. Accidentally sent a secret file to a competitor? No worries. Don’t want someone to view your file anymore? We’ve got you covered. With FileString, you can revoke access to a file by one, multiple or all recipients. You can even go to the “People View” and revoke access to all files shared to one individual recipient, such as when you terminate a business relationship with someone. And, when you revoke someone’s access to a file, if that person has reshared your file, when you revoke your direct recipient’s access, that recipient’s downstream recipients also lose their access.

FileString also allows users to set time stamps or expiration dates regarding access to a file. This means no more worrying about “unsharing” recipients from a file, creating countless copies of the same file, or changing links. Instead, with just one click, you can revoke access to documents, worry-free.


How many times have you held your breath while sending a file you’ve checked over for days, only to find that your most recent “final” copy contains yet another typo? Or worse, sent the wrong file? Before making a “final FINAL” copy, consider utilizing FileString’s push updates. With push updates, you can overwrite already distributed files to recipients. This way, you can all be on the same page (quite literally).

At FileString, we value your security and privacy. We keep it safe, easy, worry-free.

File sharing…strings attached. A new way to share files securely.

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