Do You Share Confidential Files?

Here Are Just a Few of the Many Examples of Customer Use Cases



Hiring and Managing Freelancers

  • Prevent unwanted sharing of product specs, design information, customer data and other confidential information
  • Ensure that contractors are using the most current documents
  • Revoke access to company confidential information when jobs are complete



Screen Writers

  • Prevent scripts from being shared without your knowledge
  • Know if your submission has been viewed
  • Ensure that everyone is always working from your latest revision
  • Take back scripts that aren’t accepted



Recruiters and Candidates

  • Control company confidential information shared with candidates
  • Enable candidates to maintain control over sensitive information they share
  • Revoke offer letters when they expire



Newsletter Publishers

  • Increase revenue – limit or eliminate unpaid pass-arounds
  • Update content even after customers download the newsletter



Accountants/Financial Planners and their Clients

  • Protect your clients’ sensitive financial information from unauthorized access
  • Enable clients to send you financial data with confidence
  • Prevent unauthorized re-share of proprietary financial planning advice