Recruiters and Candidates

  • Control your company’s confidential information shared with candidates
  • Enable candidates to maintain control over sensitive information they share.
  • Revoke offer letters when they expire.
share file securely for Recruiters and Candidates
share file securely for Hiring and Managing Freelancers

Hiring and Managing Freelancers

  • Prevent unwanted sharing of product specs, design information, customer data and other confidential information.
  • Ensure that contractors are using the most current documents.
  • Revoke access to company confidential information when jobs are complete.

Newsletter Publishers

  • Increase revenue by eliminating unpaid pass-arounds.
  • Update content even after your customers have recieved your newsletter.
  • Watermark your newsletter to communicate that it is proprietary information.
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FileString is an easy to use cloud-based service that attaches a digital string to the important files you share, so you can track and control how your recipients view, download and print your content.

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