How are you sharing confidential files in your work from home office?

Track and control confidential files you share

  • Personal information, labor contracts?
  • Plan for recruiting, firing, promoting?
  • Salary reports, work evaluation?
  • Offer letter, remuneration policy with new employees?
  • Information about customers, products and markets with outsourced employees?

If you are sharing these documents using email, DropBox, Google Drive, or Microsoft OneDrive then you are potentially creating security vulnerability for your company.

Is it safe without…


Track every view by every recipient, including the duration of the view, and receive email notifications when files are viewed, and if authorized, when printed or downloaded.


View your library by person, showing files you’ve sent to each person and files they’ve sent you. Revoke access to all files sent to a person at the click of a button.


Protect your files by controlling each individual recipient’s ability to view, forward, print, and download. Add a watermark for further protection.


Revoke an individual recipients’ access to files, remotely deleting distributed copies, by setting an expiration date or by manually revoking access.


Update recipients’ copies of files to the latest version by pushing updates that overwrite distributed copies.

Top 13 Reasons to Trust FileString for Confidiential Files Over Other Sharing Options

No Feature FileString Google Drive Dropbox Office 365 / OneDrive Email Attachments
1 Government-Grade File Encyption a
2 Trust That Your File Content is NOT Being Used to Sell Advertising
3 Control Who Can View, Print and Download Your Files b
4 Set Detailed Print and Download Rights Individually for Each Recipient
5 Email Notifications When Your Files Are Viewed
6 Email Notifications When Your Files Are Printed
7 Email Notifications When Your Files Are Downloaded
8 Email Notifications when Recipients Reshare Your Files
9 Tracking Report to Show All Views, Prints, Downloads
10 “People” View Allowing You to See, by Person, Files Sent and Received
11 Single Click to Revoke ALL Files Shared to a Person When a Relationship Terminates
12 Control When You Push Updates to Files to Iterate Distributed Versions
13 Control When Recipients are Notified of Updates to Their Copy of Your Files

a FileString applies AES-256 bit encryption to your files so they are protected from your computer or mobile device to your recipients’.
b Other file sharing services set a single setting per file to determine if all recipients of that file can download or print, but do not allow individual settings for each recipient.

To learn more, watch this video or read a few of our FileString customers comments

FileString helps me and my team keep our offer letters and contracts confidential. So we gain trust from both the candidates and our employer.

Andrea L.

HR Manager

Because I use FileString, my clients can rest assured that I’m taking the greatest care with their information. At the same time, I’m protecting my strategic information. FileString’s tracking provides me with data giving me insights into what my clients are doing with the files I share.

Kate S.

HR Consultant

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it really free?

Yes, we are making it available for free during the pandemic. And we do not require credit card entry.

How Do I Know if FileString can protect my confidential files?

FileString gives you full control over what information you share. So you can set it to the level of security you want. In addition, FileString has features such as sharing permissions and time limit settings to avoid the risk of access to your confidential files forever.

Why should I use FileString and not any other file sharing software?

Most other file-sharing software focus on how much data you can share. While FileString focuses on information security – what you need when sharing your company’s confidential information. FileString also works with your Google Drive and Dropbox accounts.

Is this software dedicated to HR?

Anyone can use FileString. It’s not limited to HR professionals. Yet many HR professionals have used FileString and found it useful to protect the confidential files they send.

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FileString is an easy to use cloud-based service that attaches a digital string to the important files you share, so you can track and control how your recipients view, download and print your content.





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