File Control and Tracking v. File Collaboration

The most popular cloud storage and collaboration services – Google Drive, Dropbox, Microsoft OneDrive – leave a gap in the capabilities users require when they (and I’m stealing from FedEx) absolutely, positively MUST be able to control and track what recipients can do with that file. Those other services are fantastic for collaboration. If you...

Best Ways to Stay Secure when Using File Sharing Services

A 2015 survey by Biscom revealed some frightening statistics on internal Intellectual Property theft. 85% of employees take intellectual property from their companies when they leave, and 25% of employees take intellectual property that they didn’t even work on themselves. Cloud file storage and sharing services have only exacerbated this problem. Most employees these days...

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FileString is an easy to use cloud-based service that attaches a digital string to the important files you share, so you can track and control how your recipients view, download and print your content.

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