FileString's Core Values

FileString believes in a set of core values that govern how we build our products, conduct business and live our lives. Each member of the FileString team is expected to uphold these values:
  1. Integrity: Character is about how you act when no one is watching. Just because you can, doesn't mean you should.
  2. Customer-Focused: Focus first on the needs of real users and their experience of using our service.
  3. Innovation: Innovation requires risk taking and acceptance of failed attempts.
  4. Quality: Develop products with a high level of quality that you are proud to release.
  5. Acceptance: We all make mistakes so we must forgive those made by others.
  6. Work Ethic: Take pride in your work and ownership for the quality of it.
  7. Inquisitiveness: Learn anything and everything you possibly can from anyone and any source you can.
  8. Receptiveness: Accept critical feedback about everything from our product quality to  design to the way we work and communicate.
  9. Punctuality: Do whatever is required to deliver on time.
  10. Balance: Work hard, celebrate success and enjoy your life and time away from work.