Get Early Access to the New and Improved FileString

The new FileString service will launch in the spring of 2019. We've been busy making improvements based on feedback from customers and think you'll love what we've developed. Sign up below to get early access!

The improved FileString will have all the security features you have used on FileString, plus you’ll be able to:

  • Share files from your favorite Dropbox and Google Drive accounts.
  • Share multiple files simultaneously.
  • Optionally allow recipients to download  copies of your files.
  • Not only track when your files are viewed and  printed, but downloads too.
  • Sign up and login using your Linkedin credentials.
  • Copy shared file links so you can notify your recipients with personal emails or text messages in addition to FileString system-generated emails.
  • Allow people to request access if they receive a link to a file for which they do not yet have access.
  • FileString is now only a web browser and mobile application service. The FileString applications for Mac and Windows have been discontinued.
  • And more...

Learn more about the new and improved FileString.

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