About FileString

In today’s digital economy, billions of files containing confidential information are shared and distributed every day without any ability by the content owner to control those files after distribution. Every year, 12 trillion business emails with attachments are sent. Every year, $1 trillion worth of Intellectual Property is stolen globally. Files are shared via cloud storage and file sharing services, and market research, online training and many other forms of content are downloaded from websites. Loss of control over content often results in larger problems such as copyright infringement, content piracy, loss of revenue, or loss of competitive advantage.

FileString solves this 25-year-old problem by empowering people and businesses to control the distribution of their important content with an easy-to-use file control service. When files are shared or distributed with FileString, only authorized recipients can view, forward, and print files; activity by recipients including viewing and printing is tracked; distributed copies of files can be overwritten with updates; and access to distributed files can be revoked. FileString ensures that content owners retain ownership after their content is distributed.

FileString is deployed as an easy-to-use cloud service designed for individuals or teams to use and manage. FileString integrates government-grade encryption into a user-friendly identity-based file-sharing cloud service, delivering complete file control, without the hassle of dealing with your IT department.